Free gift cards + cash

Here are sites where you can collect points and earn gift cards or cash. 

Rezultat iskanja slik za amazon gift card

1. Marketagent

This is a survey site. Survey participants acquire bonus points by actively participating in surveys.

Payment: Paypal (cashout at 2 euros)

Click on the banner bellow, sign in and stat earning cash :)

3. QENSIO panel

Prizes: Amazon gift cards, cosmetics, toys and a lot more 

Qensio sends you mails and packages in your post box. You just need to let them know when did you receive the package or letter.They are looking for participants all over the world. 

You collect points with every letter you receive. When you reach certain amount of points you can exchange them for gift cards and different products (they have their own online shop).

They also have occasional contests where you can win Amazon gift cards.

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